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If you are anything like me, your love of furniture and home decor do not directly coincide with your wallet. Here is where “Doin’ It Yourself” comes in handy!

In our old house, we had a beautiful space for an office but I could not find a desk that I was willing to fork over the cash for. To Pinterest I went, and quickly found out about the Ana White/Shanty2Chic ladies and fell in love. This was Tyler and I’s first big DIY project and it sent me down the path towards “I’ll never buy furniture again, just ask my sweet husband to make it!” 😉

We have received so many compliments in our old house and new about how drop dead gorgeous this desk is. It’s big, functional and seriously will never go out of style. I’ll share with you the building plans we followed and the modifications we made for super beginners. We made it for UNDER $60.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 12.35.38 PM

Click HERE for the Ana White/Shanty2Chic Plan & Instructions

Here is our completed/pre-stained version. Honestly, the only thing that we changed was not purchasing the kreg jig that makes the neat pocket holes. We just screwed them in at angles. Once the stain/sealant was on you can’t see them (that are in tiny corners anyway!) We hassled some family members into letting us use their saw/drill tools and then brought home this completed piece.


I did a really quick once over with some sandpaper we had lying around, just focusing on the top and top edges. Nothing to write home about, super easy and quick.

After staining/sealing the desk, it really came together. I LOVE staining wood because you get that pretty rich color without losing the character. And it smells so good 🙂
I used Minwax Wood Finish Stain in Dark Walnut. Probably one of my all time favorite stain colors then sealed with Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish .


This desk has gone through two moving truck adventures, storage, and I can’t tell you how many spills and still looks phenomenal. It’s going to be my favorite piece of furniture for a long time! I HIGHLY suggest trying it out for anyone needing some office furniture; makes for a fun Saturday project.


Bookshelves are from Target
Rug is from TJ Maxx
Chair is from Tuesday Morning




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