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So here we are, a month away from Eli’s due date, F I N A L L Y. I will admit this pregnancy has gone by extremely fast but this last month always drags on and on. I’ll share with you what I packed this second time around and my checklist.


– scroll down for my hospital bag checklist –

With Cameron, I looked over 9,000 checklists and packed our entire house. I didn’t touch a single thing and there were quite a few things I wish I had. Instead, while in labor I was begging Tyler to go to the store for tinted chapstick 🙂

I just want you to know_

First, let’s start off with M A M A
This is my opinion and what I wish someone had told me when I was packing for myself… there will be blood. Don’t bring anything light colored unless you plan on throwing it away (undies, okay. pants, NO!) Dark/thick/loose are my motto when deciding what pants to bring. Yoga pants are cool, but make sure you have a robe/jacket or top that covers your bum unless you don’t mind showing your visitors your diaper butt 🙂 I am sticking with VS Pink Joggers (dark green and maroon) and VS Pink Boyfriend Sweats (loose and black).


I don’t really pack specific pajamas. You are up at all hours and I couldn’t tell the different between day and night there for a little while. I am in sweats and a t-shirt the entire time. I’m not really a fancy robe kinda gal, so I packed a zip up hoodie just to hang out in. Skin to skin is pretty important and its easier to slip baby in the jacket and zip them up with you 🙂

For tops, I was really happy with these Merona/Mossimo Supply Co V-neck shirts. They are light and stretchy, so easy access to pull down for nursing. Trust me, nobody has time to fumble with a bunch of clasps in the middle of the night when your new baby is screaming at you. Plus, two nursing bras (target and motherhood brands).

For undies, BOY SHORTS ALL THE WAY (Hanes Women’s Cotton Boy Brief). I know most checklists say “granny panties” but no. The boy shorts have way more coverage in my opinion and don’t leave you with such a noticeable line. (I don’t care, but just FYI). The hospital 99% of the time will give you the gigantic undie/pad combos but I was A.) grossed out by them and B.) uncomfortable. I know, picky, but still.

Boy shorts paired with the Always Infinity Pads were a dream. In favor of not getting into too much information, that combo seriously kept me sane and comfortable. TRUST ME.

I plan on going to the hospital in some Old Navy flip flops and packing these house shoes to go home in/hangout in. No glamour here. Also, fluffy socks!

My going home outfit is nothing fancy, but comfortable. This top from Target and a little longer in the back for coverage and really comfortable. I’m also bringing a white tank top to go underneath to wear under my belly band. This Postpartum Girdle belly band is way more “customizable” and sturdy than other big name brands I’ve tried, definitely recommend (and its super inexpensive!!).  Leggings are from Belly Bandit, called the “Mother Tucker” leggings. They have a really good tummy panel and hold you in while you are feeling fragile.


Also, bringing my own pillow/blanket because home is where the heart is!

Now, onto D A D
With Cameron, I did pretty good packing for Tyler. Oh, but I packed enough for one night. Plan on two nights, maybe even three!
T-shirts/Pajamas, sweatpants (Tyler’s favorite are Lululemon sweats), jeans, undies, socks, and easy access shoes (these are Crocs!!! )  for when you need something and dad has to run around the hospital in the middle of the night. True Story.
Also, dad needs his own pillow/blanket.


Bathroom S T U F F
This is a big place that I overpacked last time. I was way too tired, stressed, hungry, in pain to be curling my hair and putting a full face of makeup on.  You might not be, but I’m saving the space this time around.


Makeup: the essentials. Eyeshadow (UD Naked Basics Palette), Mascara (Urban Decay Perversion), Eyeliner (Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil ), and maybe a little BB Cream. Don’t forget your face wipes, I really like the Olay Daily Clean Wipes
Hair: Uhhhh, soap? Seriously though, a hair tie or two and bobby pins if you use them. I may bring my curling iron to do a quick run through when we have visitors, but probably not. Haha!

Bring your own soaps, nothing too fancy because there may be open wounds and you don’t want flowery soaps to be burning you. Juuuuuust sayin’. Plain and simple works best.

CHAPSTICK, maybe some regular but I was dying for something with a little color so I looked less like a zombie and more human. That’s just me 🙂 Also, your other essentials, toothbrush/paste, hair brush, and your own towels from home (DARK!). Hospital towels are pretty skimpy, but they do the job.

Everything  E L S E
Make sure to bring any paperwork your hospital/doctor has given you ahead of time, birth plans, special instructions, etc. I made copies of my DL and SS Card when packing and they were pretty thankful that I had done that ahead of time.

We aren’t bringing a camera because our phones are out pretty much the entire time taking pictures of the sweet new pickle and our family/friends. On that note, phone/ipad chargers!!!!!

We had the greatest L&D nurse ever and I wish I had a million dollars to give her or had even brought a nice, small gift for her. This time, I may bring some Starbucks gift cards for the ones that do all the dirty work! So appreciate them. Hand Sanitizer for your guests, I THINK some rooms have the little dispenser at the door, so this is not a must have.

But, you must have snacks. I was hungry all the time, but not wanting a fast food meal every few hours. Favorite, snack bars/protein bars/trail mix will be good to have this time around.

Jeff and Billie

Check back soon for Hospital Bag Part 2 (The Baby’s Bag)




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