Hospital Bag Part 2 – The Baby’s Bag

Packing for baby was another area that I “over packed” I mean I thought a newborn would be this sweet little doll that I could dress up. I didn’t take into account how I would be feeling, struggling with breastfeeding, or the lack of sleep. The last thing I wanted to do was go anywhere near hair bows and fancy outfits. Simple is best was my motto.
I am hoping this time around, since I am more mentally prepared Eli will get to wear these outfits instead of hanging out in a hospital t-shirt and blanket. Either way is good with me!

Poor Cami, she was my guinea pig!


I’m using this Vera Bradley Large Stroll Around Bag as Eli’s bag. Once Mister gets here this bag will be stocked and left in the car. I will be carrying my Skip Hop Greenwhich Backpack when we go out. (The greatest backpack diaper bag ever! I’ll update everyone soon with how it is working out with two kiddos.)

What's In My Hospital Bag Part 2(The Baby's Bag)

– scroll down for my checklist –






I packed three cotton sleepers for him, a pair of mittens and two “outfits”. I figure hanging out in the sleepers will be easiest for everyone (and diaper changes!) and not too tight on his tummy. The outfit to the left is what I plan on bringing him home in, and the second outfit is just in case we are feeling rebellious.

Newborn & 0-3 Month Sizes because you never know 


I am bringing one swaddle blanket, this giant one by Aden + Anais with cute bright orange stars. The hospital has a TON of blankets/plain t-shirts for baby. Don’t bring everything you own because then you just get to unpack it when you get home, no thanks!

Mittens, fingernail file, and fingernail clippers should be on your list too. These kids come out with some INSANE fingernails. I was terrified of touching Cameron’s so we kept mittens on her, but she managed to scratch herself quite a bit. They have zero control over their little arms, but lots of new space to wiggle around so they do just that. WIGGLE! Hoping since I have to cut hers once a week, I will have the confidence to clip his safely. We shall see. (If I remember correctly we asked a nurse if she could clip them and she said they weren’t allowed.)

I am bringing this cute wubbanub pacifier, just in case. We used one with Cameron in the hospital but I don’t know if it hindered us with breastfeeding more than we already were. I’ll have to just feel this one out, hopefully it goes smoothly!

Hats + Socks are not something I’m super particular about. Cameron never wore either and she turned out fine despite everyone telling me daily (maybe hourly) to put socks on her. No. She will lose them and then I have to throw the partner sock away blah blah blah, I’d rather skip them, THANKS! 🙂 If it’s cold where you are, maybe, but even then. They are wrapped up all day/night in the hospital so their piggies aren’t cold, trust me.

D I A P E R – B A G

Our hospital makes these really sweet “birth certificate” keepsakes with the baby’s footprints, so I am skipping out bringing something for footprints. But always a good idea, their little feet grow so fast!

Nursing cover and nursing pillow are a must have. Honestly, I didn’t particularly like the boppy for nursing until baby is older but it was great for guests/mom/dad to have to help hold baby. For that reason, I’m bringing it.  A nursing cover because I hated asking people to leave the room, I’d rather just cover up.

You can bring your own wipes/diapers but they hospital has everything you need! Seriously. Baby clothes, blankets, pacifiers, nipple shields, everything. They were soooooo helpful the first time. Just ask!!!

Jeff and Billie-2

This second time around already feels different. I feel way more prepared mentally. I know what is going to happen (for the most part) and I know how I am probably going to feel. With all that in mind, I am packing accordingly. I am really excited instead of on edge not knowing what to expect. Cameron has a special place in my heart for going through the labor & delivery with me the first time around. She taught me so much about myself, so thank you sweet girl!




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