Top 5 Summer Maternity Must Haves


“It’s so hot” is probably a phrase that I use at least 50 times a day. It’s summer and this is Houston. Brutal.
Add to that some extra weight and a busy body toddler and there is bound to be sweat. Gross I know, but its the truth!
These are my summer maternity “must haves”, what is keeping me sane and comfortable in one of the warmest parts of the country.

Dress: Ross + Vest: Target + Shoes: Old Navy

#1 Tees
These motherhood maternity tees come in a TON of colors. They are super affordable (so stock up!) and lightweight. Easy to dress up or down, but really just one of those maternity staples. Target does have a similar style but usually only in two or three colors.


Let me just throw some LuLaRoe in here too. This is a medium Randy, umm hello. So perfect! My favorite consultant is Megan Vrana, definitely check out her group here! She gets some of the best stuff in.

#2 Tanks

Old Navy and Motherhood Maternity are my two favorite places for tanks. You don’t have to sacrifice your style to be comfortable when temperature are climbing!

These first Old Navy tanks are not maternity (size up x2 or x3 for a longer torso) but they are seriously so stretchy to accommodate the belly. You could always purchase the “tall” if you have a longer torso, mine is on the shorter side. I typically wear a medium so I purchased the XL and I am still covered here late in the 3rd trimester. Olive and this  Rose color are to die for!

Click here to purchase!

Old Navy Henley Tank                    Old Navy Henley Tank + Target Shorts + Target Vest

Also from Old Navy’s maternity line are these. Again, easy to layer if you can tolerate it!

Click here to purchase!

 Old Navy Tank + Lululemon Shorts + Converse

#3 Shorts

First up are these maternity shorts from Target. The sizes on them can be a little misleading, so I highly suggest trying them on. For reference, I typically wear a size 27/28 and I bought the XS in both styles. Again, they can be as loose or fitted depending on what you are comfortable with. You’ll see from the model while I suggest sizing down to get a more fitted/modern look. Both pair are a great length; not the dreaded “mom” length while keeping your assets covered 🙂 And you can roll/unroll the hem to whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.

Click here for the white pair (under the belly with side panels) and here for the olive green pair (full coverage, over the belly). They have each style in under or over the belly. These are just the two I have.

Now, these are not maternity, but I will swear by them until the day I die. Lululemon Speed Shorts. They are SUPER lightweight with a built in liner. I mean I practically live in these things right now. The band is really soft and stretchy, making these even more comfortable for the belly. Usually you can catch a color or two on sale in store or online (We Made Too Much Section), but I would suggest getting at least ONE pair to see if they are right for you. In my typical 27/28 size I wear a size 8 in these shorts. They are on the more casual/sporty side, easy swim coverup or swim shorts if you prefer. LOVE THEM. (If you are looking for leggings, the High Times and Roll Down Wunder Under are also really comfortable!)

#4 Dresses
Tee shirt dresses/Body Con and cotton maxi dresses are my advice to you here. You can find them just about anywhere, but right now Old Navy is my favorite place. (I don’t own any maternity specific dresses!) Thin, breezy, and please for the love, stay away from Polyester. It will suffocate you in the heat!

Dress: TJ Maxx + Shoes: Francesca’s

img_4721Dress: TJ Maxx + Vest: Target

I also found these super cute floral dresses, that are a steal!
Check them out here and here. There are about a million colors of each, so stock up!


Easy layers that won’t sweat you out! My two favorites are a denim vests and kimono! These go over tanks, dress, tees, literally anything you have if your outfit needs a little pick me up…and you don’t want to accessorize with sweat 🙂

Click here to browse some super cute/affordable denim vests.

Click here to browse some super cute/affordable kimonos.

Summer pregnant ladies, you deserve some ice cream!


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