DIY Farmhouse Baby Gate 

Stairs and toddlers do not mix. We have a pretty bland/standard baby gate for the bottom of our stairs but nothing for the top so here we are, again…

Essentially the playroom has easy access to two flights of stairs and we have a toddler who sees that as an opportunity to escape! It’s impossible to clean her room, put up laundry or do anything upstairs unless I lock her in a room with me and little miss has figured out door handles so that doesn’t go over well anymore. Add to that, baby gates are expensive! At least the decent looking ones that don’t scream “crazy kids have taken over my house”.

I found some photos and plans on Pinterest, but nothing super detailed. I sent the photos to my husband and pretty much said can you figure this out? And that he did! Here are his plans for this baby gate. I love it, super functional and it looks great. Hoping I can con him into make another for downstairs, wish me luck!

(Our opening is roughly 6″ wider than your average doorway, so you may need just a little less wood than we used.)

Shopping List:

Our doorway opening is 38″ so…

Tyler cut the (5) 1x4s into 36″ increments (or cut them in half) which made a total 10 pieces. Two of these 36″ pieces are the side supports (nailed directly into the wall) for the gate. With the left overs he cut a small piece (2″) to give the latch some room to be screwed in.

Lay out your pieces… two horizontal and your vertical slates connect those two, and waaaa laaaa. Easy peasy

The verticals slats on the gate were as he puts it “evenly” spaced. Since our opening is not your typical doorway he just eyeballed it. You can make them as close or far apart as you like but keep in mind little heads/hands going between them. Ours came out at 2″ apart.


Stain and seal that puppy. We used Minwax Dark Walnut (same as our DIY Desk).

We let it sit overnight to dry.


Screw the two “support”pieces closet to the edge of where the gate is going.

Next your hinges (closest to that same edge), attach the gate.

For the latch (make sure it’s on the side with no little hands) screw your small 2″ piece to the top of the support piece.

Then attach your gate latch (we ended up returning this one for a smaller black latch). Our gate is almost exactly the same width as the opening soooo, it’s a little hard to get the screws in closest to the wall.

Here are some additional photos of how we installed. Super easy to move around and find which places would be best for you to screw in.

The gate is closet to the edge of the wall otherwise the gate wouldn’t open all of the way.
Here are some photos of the hinges and their placement. Super easy to figure out for your space!

(At the edge of the wall, otherwise, the gate wouldn’t open all the way.

It swings away from the playroom toward the stairs.

Not even remotely happy about this. We shakes it every time we go upstairs now!

All in all, it’s a super quick and beginner level project. Not to mention, probably more affordable and aesthetically pleasing than your typical baby gates. There are a ton more photos on Pinterest that we went off of, but no real plans that were easy to follow. Hope this helps, and shoot me any questions you may have. I’ll gladly have Tyler answer them 🙂


Jess + Tyler


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