Cameron’s Birth Story

I could relive this day over and over.

Even now, a year and a half later, it feels like yesterday. I remember almost everything but I’ve never documented her birth. In a few weeks, we will have another story to add, so in honor of little brother’s pending arrival, here is Cameron’s Birth Story. One of the greatest days of my life.




The few weeks leading up to Cameron’s birth were all pretty much the same. I sat on the yoga ball in front of the TV, took long walks, and warm baths. I was SO excited to meet her, but we were all fairly calm and just doing everything healthy I could to help her along. I think the only “wives tale” I tried was eating pineapple, but meh. I am an advocate for cooked babies, so I wasn’t going to do anything drastic. I also wasn’t overdue, so I am not sure what that feels like. I’m sure I’d change my mind, haha!

37 week appointment: 1cm, nothing crazy. At this point, I had zero Braxton Hicks, pain, or cramping. I was honestly surprised to have any progress at all.

38 week appointment: 2cm, maybe 50-75% effaced, again still was feeling NADA.

39 week appointment: 2cm, maybe 2.5cm, 75% effaced, again felt NOTHING. I’m not going to lie, I felt pretty defeated. Once we left the doctor I had some of THE worst cramping and pain, so even though I felt like death,  we were making progress. We went on even longer walks, and I yoga-balled myself to death. I had a few mild cramps, and the stomach tightening pretty consistently, with no real pain.

I was expecting to go overdue, my doctor told me if she wasn’t here by my due date (Feb 17th) then we would look into induction the following weekend. Sad face.

img_6756This is me at 39 weeks. How I managed to get jeans on, I have no idea. I was stretched to the max. It was soooo uncomfortable.


February 13th, 2016 (39 weeks 4 days)
We had a pretty normal day, ran some errands, and hung out at home. I hadn’t felt anything that day, just so uncomfortable. That night, I REALLY couldn’t sleep. I sat in the living room from 10pm until who knows when bouncing/stretching on the yoga ball. In the dark and silence praying for my sweet girl (I was actually crying and begging her to come out, haha!) But praying nonetheless. Around 2am (Feb 14th) I finally crawled back into bed.

Valentine’s Day 2016
Happy Birthday Sweet Baby

So at 2am when I got back into bed, I distinctly remember laying across the foot of the bed, prepared to either go to the bathroom for the 100th time or walk around some more. After about 30 seconds, I felt the biggest pop really low. It felt like a giant rubber band, sounded like one, and hurt (like a dull pain). I was pretty confused at first but I just KNEW it was my water. I got up slowly and walked into the bathroom (Thank God) before the “water” came. Its about 2:15/2:30am at this point.

I wake up Tyler, he calls the DR on call, and I get in the shower. Why? I am not sure, but I just stood there like “what on earth is happening!?” and my nerves started getting to me. We were both dressed and ready to go by 3am. Getting in the car, I started having pretty painful cramps about 6min apart, nothing crazy, but the closer we got to the hospital the more painful they got.

We got to the ER around 3:30am and I remember sitting in the waiting room doubled over in pain and nauseous from being so nervous! I was triaged from about 3:45-4:30, making sure it was amniotic fluid, and checking me. Here I was barely 3cm, and they said the water that broke was the “forebag” and they would still need to break my actual water! They started the IV which to this day was probably the worst part. I almost passed out and I don’t have a problem with needles, but ouch. I’m sure it was a mixture of contractions, nerves, and at this point I’m starving.

*Note to self, get food before you leave home!*

I was admitted and in my room by 5am and the nurses were switching shifts. My nurse for about 10 minutes asked if I wanted the epidural now. I remember thinking, okay it’s a little early, I can hold out. W R O N G. I’m laying in bed writhing around in pain, trying not to die while Tyler is staring at me like I’m going crazy. Good times, haha! I half screamed for him to go get her and to tell her I need it NOW.

I waited maybe 10 minutes for the anesthesiologist and met my new nurse. (Who by the way, if I ever find her and win the lottery, I am giving her all of my money. She was an angel!) They made Tyler leave (I later found out he went to Whataburger, rude) and the epidural was a piece of cake. Honestly, it sort of stressed me out during my pregnancy but I was in so much pain, I welcomed more pain (it was not painful) to help me. It felt like a little bee sting and a cramp, then sweet relief almost immediately.

This is the chunk of time about 8 hours, that I don’t remember much of. I literally slept through almost my entire labor. The Dr on call came in, and checked me at 3cm again, broke my water, and started a little dose of pitocin since I wasn’t moving along very much. They started a catheter and your pee bag is hanging off the bed for all to see, which is so weird to me! Around 8am, we started having visitors and I barely remember seeing anyone or remember what on earth I was saying. Lots of sleep..

The nurse came back sometime around noon and checked me again and now I was at 5cm. More sleep…

Around 1pm I started feeling some weird pressure on my left side above my hip. Not painful, but it was uncomfortable. They gave me the button to give extra doses (or nothing was really coming out and it was just a mental thing, haha) I did that every 15 minutes on the dot for about an hour.

At 2pm the nurse came back, and I was still pretty uncomfortable but she didn’t want to check me too much so she was going to wait for the dr to check at 2:30pm. For some reason, the dr sent her back to check immediately.

She looked at me, and said “Well…..don’t move. You’re at 10cm and she is right there!” In the course of two hours I went from 5cm to 10cm. We were all like, “wait, WHAT!!!!” We let our guests know and they came and gave us good luck hugs and left. It was a good 10 minutes of them getting everything ready and I started pushing at 2:13pm.

My sweet, salty, sassy, big goofball was born at 2:22pm, weighing 7lbs 14oz and 21.5″ long. She had a ton of black hair and the biggest cheeks ever (still does!). Here are some photos of her arrival.

Our family was allowed in the room shortly after and everyone fell in love. I really felt good for a few hours until they took the epidural away from me and lemme say, not looking forward to that again. My legs felt weird, my back was sore, and all the stifled pain came slowly creeping in. Trust me, nothing compared to contractions but ouch. They gave me Motrin around the clock for a good 24 hours to take the edge off, but you are so distracted by this new squishy noodle that it’s just pain in the back of your mind. Nothing unbearable. Recovery is fun ☹️

My advice: take the hottest showers you can stand. take the motrin. use the ice packs.

She was so cute and cuddly, now I have to beg for those cuddles! I don’t know where the time went but it went FAST. I cherish those little newborn moments we had and I’m looking forward to making those memories with Eli.

All in all, I had an amazing labor and delivery. Everyone was so kind, and I am sooooooo thankful it was fairly calm and quick with no problems. I have some great memories from that day.


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