Eli’s Birth Story

Two weeks in, yall. I cannot believe this little guy has been here two weeks! He has melted right into our usual routine and I am so thankful. Sweet baby Eli is our last baby (just get that question out of the way, haha!) so everything is the last for us… so without any introduction here is my littlest’s Birth Story. 

(Photos are by Devynn Leanne Photography in Houston. She is phenomenal and has great prices! Definitely recommend.)

August 8, 2017 (39 weeks 6 days)

Induction was scheduled at 5:30am. We left the house, indulged in some Whataburger and checked in. 

Paperwork was super quick, low dose pitocin started at 6:30am. I didn’t feel any pain other than the pretty rhythmic belly tightening. Also, the IV was a much easier process this time! I’m going to give credit that I had a full tummy. Thank you food for never letting me down haha!

Right around a shift change the nurse tried to check me but she couldn’t reach! That was an uncomfortable experience. Thankfully the next nurse (that was with us until delivery) was able to check me right at 2.5cm. 

Dr stopped by at 7:30am (3cm) and broke my water. With Cameron I had an epidural when my water broke so this was interesting (and gross!!) Within minutes the contractions intensified, bearable but painful. My nurse was super proactive and got my fluids going quickly so I could have an epidural…ASAP. 

Anesthesiologist was here by 8:30 and gave me the epidural. It wasn’t super intense, it was literally my belly to my knees that I couldn’t feel but otherwise felt normal-ish. As I was sitting on the edge of the bed I had a huge contraction and a gush of water almost completely drenched my nurse. It was so embarrassing! She was very thankful I warned her! Ugh. Then the catheter fun. There is something very humbling about having your pee bag in plain view with all your family and friends around. Sorry! 

They gave me the fun peanut ball to labor with (Eli was still a little high) so we pretty much just hung out/napped for a few hours. 

Around noon, I was feeling tightening  in my upper stomach/chest barely a minute apart.  The nurse checked me at 8cm but baby was still almost abnormally high. They took the peanut ball away and had me lay sort of on my side with one knee toward my chest. After about 30 minutes the tightening felt MUCH lower. 

I am so grateful that my epidural let me feel what was going on but without the pain. 

Around 2:30 I was “complete” and baby had come way down but still needed just a little more time. They also had checked and re-checked and Eli was “sunny side up”. I switched sides and almost immediately I had the worst back labor pain that the epidural didn’t touch. 

We had a lot of family in the room chatting with us and I felt so sick with the pain. I kind of gave my nurse that “look” and she asked everyone to leave. Almost immediately I was in tears with the pain. 

My Dr was planning on coming after 3pm but they had her sort of rush over to figure out how we were going to do this. She was super confident that I could avoid a c-section, just warned me that it may take longer and be more work than “normal”. She did say she was going to try to maneuver him around as best she could while I pushed. 

While everyone was prepping, my pain was slowly coming around the front of my belly so we were optimistic that we was turning on his own. 

I started pushing at 3pm and Eli was born pretty swiftly at 3:16pm. He flipped during the first push without any help! 

Elliott “Eli” Ford Conner was 8lbs 4oz and 20″ long. He is the perfect addition to this family. So far, he is calm, quiet and perfectly content most of the time. He whimpers for food and takes his sisters toddler view of “love” very well. I cannot wait to watch his littler personality blossom, that is my favorite part of motherhood. 
Until then we are adjusting and soaking up all of these newborn lasts. 

The Conner Fam 

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