Baby Blues & Baby Bliss // 2 Week Postpartum Update

For mom-brain sake, memories, and if you are expecting, I’m going to do some postpartum updates on my health, fitness routine, and how we are feeling/adjusting, etc. 

Week One & Week Two (August 8 – August 22)

Can I just say, WOW! These two weeks have been a whirlwind. We survived our first week with two kids under two and my crazy hormones. And then the second week with less hormones and soaking up the cuddles.  It has been an emotional roller coaster but beautiful too. 

Family Adjustments

With Cameron, I was so anxious, nervous, and overwhelmed the entire time we were in the hospital. We had no idea what we were doing but we quickly fell into the swing of things. 

This time around I was on cloud 9, something about being a veteran parent brings a lot more self confidence. I was more confident breastfeeding, prepared for the lack of sleep, and prepared for the horror show (kidding!) that is recovery. Also, we got to go home the very next day with a 24 hour old baby! Happy dance. 

When Cameron came to visit, she was really interested in “Bebe” which made my heart explode. She was gentle (most of the time) and as sweet as can be! Thankfully, when we got home she says “shhh” when he cries and likes to be around him, again, makes me so happy. 

As for me and Tyler, we are loving the baby snuggles and reminiscing on tiny Cameron. It brings back a lot of memories which is where some of my weepiness comes in!

This side by side of Cameron and Eli totally kills me. 

Emotional Health

I had the baby blues with Cameron. The uncontrollable sobbing for NO reason that struck me at the most awkward times. It went away after about a week when we got into a routine. (I thrive on routines! Not change…)

With Eli it was similar, but also different. We had a great routine with Cameron that we now had to add him to. It was rough. I felt so guilty that Cameron wasn’t the center of attention anymore and then I’d feel guilty that I wanted to spend all my time with her. He’s perfectly content in a swing or bouncer unlike newborn Cami. I felt like I needed to be holding him as much as possible “to be fair.” Newsflash: he’s a newborn. He needs food, sleep, and a clean hiney. He doesn’t care about my emotions just yet but he does need me to take care of myself. 

 I have had moments where I felt like I needed to grieve our old life. The “just the three of us” life, “easily take one kid anywhere” life, “all my love, attention, and attachment to one” life. I did just that with a big ole bucket of tears. Towards the end of the first week, those thoughts would still pop up, but I got accustomed to another little hiney to clean and cuddle. Eli is feeling more and more like he has always been here and I am getting the feeling like what did we ever do without him?! 

He has melted right in to our breakfast routine, cleaning routine, grocery runs, and bedtime routine. This kid adapts better than I do! I love him for that. God knows exactly what I can handle and when I can handle it. He gave us the absolute perfect little boy for our crazy family. SO THANKFUL. 

All in all, I struggle. I have my random breakdowns (it’s best to let it out!!!) and Tyler calms me down. Or I can just remind myself how freakishly quick this all goes by and soon he will be running around terrorizing me with his sister!
(The rest of the photos in this post are by my sister; Amor Photography in Houston)

 My advice: Let it out. Vent, talk, write it out, text your feelings to SOMEONE. Cry your loud sobs on someone’s shoulder. Let yourself feel all the feels but remember your sweet gift(s) and that you WILL blink and they WILL be older, more independent, sleeping all night without you, walking and talking one day very soon. It WILL pass. Pray really hard, pray about the guilt, sadness, or fear of change, whatever bothers you. There is only one person that can fight alongside you. 

Health + Fitness

I had an awesome delivery (no stitches!!!) which has made for a super fast recovery. I’m doing my job and I know my insides need to heal but I’m ready to workout!

We have a nice anniversary trip planned for next summer so I decided after having Eli I would get my butt in gear! Mainly eating healthier and for fuel rather than boredom, but honestly I am NEVER bored. I’ve cut my Dr.Pepper addiction much easier than I thought. 

Until I can workout safely, we are focusing on eating healthier and resting!


Plan ahead: I do my best to make breakfast the night before or before Cameron wakes up. Her lunches are pre-made (or easily made) and diapers bags are re-stocked every time we get home. Take out dinner in the morning, make lists, and plan your week. Having plans gives me something to look forward to because I hate being cooped up in the house but it’s 9 million degrees outside so parks/walks are out of the question (unless it’s 9am!!). 

If you have any advice in regards to our adjustment or newborn phase please comment below. I am all ears, all the time. ‚̧


The Conner Fam 

2 thoughts on “Baby Blues & Baby Bliss // 2 Week Postpartum Update

  1. I love reading about your life because it’s so relatable to mine! This post helped me become more excited about second baby!!

    Question – meal planning and budgeting. What does a family of three/four spend on food per week? How about per month on pantry staples?

    1. There’s an adjustment, just like with one baby, but man I love them so stinking much!

      We budget for $500/month on groceries: Food, toiletries, cleaning supplies… everything. (We can usually get away with having cash leftover!) We usually do one big grocery trip and then about $100/week for milk, meat, deli stuff, eggs and fruit. HEB has really awesome coupons/deals. I haven’t started meal planning yet but I’m hoping that’ll knock our monthly budget closer to $400!

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