Eli’s Birth Photos // 8-8-17

If you are in the Houston area, I highly recommend you follow/use Devynn Leanne Photography for your birth. She was so professional, but warm! Having someone else in the room with you during such an intimate time can be intimidating but she felt like family! I am so thankful for her capturing these memories. 

For the internet’s sake, I’ll leave out some of the more graphic/revealing photos. 🙂 

(Can you tell she was tired of waiting?) 

(This is about when stuff starting getting real…painful.)

(And I cried like a baby. My nurse was an angel though, she really talked me through it. As well as Tyler.)

This is my favorite!

My rockstar OB.

My mom seeing sweet pea for the first time!

Tyler’s mom seeing him!

First pokies 🙁 

What a great day it was! There’s a ton of photos so I won’t spam you with every second of the day. Loving this sweet pea. ❤️

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