One Month Postpartum Update 


I am so torn. How can this fresh little baby feel like he has been here so long? I think it’s safe to say we are home. Bubba has melted into our daily routine; we have made some changes here and there and just rolled with the punches. Sure we may be later than usual, make some extra pit stops or just have to sit in the car a little longer, but this is our life. I am so at peace with everything even when that first week felt like I was losing it. Time really does heal. 

Big Sister + Little Brother

An 18 month old feels so much! I feel bad because I know she can’t express her feelings in an appropriate way so we are entering the tantrum phase. We know what triggers her so we do our best to avoid those things. Tired & Hungry are our biggest nemesis-es! When she doesn’t get her way (playing/wanting with something “dangerous” like a sharpie!) she throws her little fits. We try to talk her down and sometimes it works but for now re-directing works best until she can understand right from wrong. Otherwise, I am so proud of her. She has such a goofy disposition it’s impossible to be mad anyways. She gives the sweetest kisses and thankfully understands “be gentle” 99% of the time. She has tried to share many snacks with bubba and has no idea why he wouldn’t want a delicious cheerio! I can’t wait to watch them grow and blossom together. 

That #NewbornLife

Eli is going to be our shy one, that’s my guess anyway. He is quiet and calm. Trust me he still cries especially when it’s lotion time after a bath, but it’s not an ear piercing scream like Cameron was but breaks your heart just as much! He likes to be swaddled (unlike Cameron) and he likes swings/bouncers (unlike Cameron) but man he loves a warm bath & white noise … exactly like Cameron. It’s crazy how similar they are but so different. 

He takes great naps but going to bed at 7:30 with sister results in waking up at 1am/5am. This past week we tried staying up with him a little later (watching a movie together after Cameron goes to bed!) and putting him down at 10pm. That’s two extra feedings before bed and he’s been sleeping 7-8 hours! Needless to say we are going to ride this wave for as long as possible! 

Weight loss, ugh. 

I feel like I’ve “bounced back” faster this time than I did with Cameron. Probably because I have a toddler to chase after. Helpful Hint: have your kids close together. You’ll be too busy to eat junk, so you will eat for fuel. You’ll be too busy to be lazy, so you will never be on the couch! WIN. I gained 25 lbs this pregnancy and I am happy to say I am back at my pre-pregnancy weight!!!! I have a pretty hefty goal to lose quite a bit more so I will start adding working out when I’m “allowed”. We take a lot of walks so that’s definitely helping me out. 

I’m not “dieting” or following a “diet” but just eating so I can feed another little human and have energy! I haven’t had a Dr.Pepper since we came home from the hospital and I don’t eat a lot of carb/starchy food. I feel a lot better too! 

Time Flies!

August has been an interesting month to say the least. Tyler is back at work which was the final “back to normal” thing we needed to do. I feel great and so thankful that I get to be home with these babies. 

Cameron is still a toddler and Eli is still a newborn, so pray for peace, patience and my sanity as we navigate this season of life! 



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