How To Keep Your Sanity With Two Under Two 

How to

We are a little over one month in with two kids under two (18 months apart). We don’t drink by we might need to start…kidding!

This is how we are keeping our sanity with two under two so far.


1. WALK AWAY: I love Cameron dearly but sometimes (almost always) we have to walk away from her tantrums. No, you can’t have a sharpie. No, you can’t poke brother in the eye. You catch my drift.

2. PUT THE BABY DOWN: Again, love my kids but dang. Sometimes we have to set Eli down in the swing, bouncer, somewhere safe from sisters curiosity. I held Cameron constantly for a good 6 months (she wouldn’t sleep anywhere else!) and I never got anything done. I don’t have that option this time around.

3. TAKE TURNS: Tyler keeps me alive sometimes…errr…most of the time. Take a long shower and let someone…ANYONE…take the reigns for you. Happy mama, happy family, happy life. You have got to step away from the chaos, at least I do. At least once a day.

4. ONE ON ONE TIME: This applies to spending time alone with your husband, as well as, with each kiddo. Going for a walk with Cameron, extra cuddles for bubba, and Tyler and I’s favorite is finding gems on Netflix. ?

5. PRAY!!!: In the middle of all the crazy, stop and pray. There are times I get so overwhelmed by the very different needs of two little people, housework, and not losing myself in the process that the only thing I can do is pray. Pray I don’t lose my mind and pray for strength to press on!

6. THIS TOO SHALL PASS: Even when you don’t want it to. I have a love/hate relationship with this phrase. Yes, it will pass. The hard days, the bad days, and even the good. They will pass. Remember this is a season of craziness, but with each new season comes new fun times and new challenges. I am learning to embrace the good and the bad.




Another thing I’ve found really helpful, is connecting with other moms that have two kids under two (or a baby with any age toddler). They get it. It’s hard, overwhelming but so rewarding.

You are doing great!


6 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Sanity With Two Under Two 

  1. Yes! I remember when mine were little, exactly 2 years apart. It was hard. And exhausting. But also some of the best memories came from those times and I miss them being so little. Enjoy it but take time for yourself too!

  2. I had two 2 years apart, and I remember feeling like the hard days were SO long. And yet – I blinked my eyes and they’re now 3rd & 5th graders; smart, responsible, independent little people who should (in my mind) need me much more than they actually do. ❤️ Savor the moments that are really good, and give yourself grace for the ones that challenge you! ? Lovely post!!

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