6 Weeks Postpartum (with 2 under 2!) 

Mr. Eli is 6 weeks old! Next thing you know, we are going to blink and he will be different AGAIN.

All About Eli

  • He was 10lbs at his 1 month appointment 
  • Wearing 3/3-6 month clothes 
  • Sleeps from 10pm-6/7am then back down until 10am
  • With a good nights sleep, he only takes one really good 2/3 hour nap during the day. Otherwise, quick 30 min naps. Can’t win them all. 
  • 100% breastfed 
  • Eyes are still blue but his hair is growing in dirty blonde like Cameron. 

In a nutshell, he is perfect. He is so sweet and easy-going (I said the same about baby Cameron and now she is a looney tune, I’m not naive! Haha). Those little grins we see all day seriously melt my heart. Mama’s boy for life. I already have anxiety about him bringing a girl home so I have a lot of appreciation for my mother in law! 

    Little Miss & Marriage

    Cameron had a rough week (around week 5). I’m not sure what it was, maybe teeth, but every morning after breakfast she threw the worst tantrums and cried/screamed almost constantly until noon. Afterwards, she would be fairly normal, but those mornings were tough. She seems okay now, less sensitive and back to normal. We stay busy and outdoors as much as possible. Good ole sunshine always brightens her days. The little emotions she has are sometimes too much and I can sympathize. 

    Tyler and I had our first date night, which was perfect! We went to dinner and spent a good chunk of the evening in Pottery Barn. I mean, is that not the best night ever?!

     Now that we are settled in with two kids, the tension can get a little overwhelming. Neither of us get a break during the days, but we just roll with it. We work so hard to remain a team which has always been our strong suit. We are totally different people but we are always on the same team, I’m thankful for that quality in our marriage. It makes things easier to overcome when the going gets tough. And the going is verrrrrrry tough right now. Kids are needy. Like, really needy. 

    F I T N E S S

    My 6 week postpartum check up is this week so I should be cleared to work out.  

    My sister and I came up with a good schedule to take the kids on walks and let Cameron burn off energy at the park which has been extremely helpful to me. Perks to having babies at the same time! 

    Even though it’s crazy, life is good.  Time is going by faster than I can even put into words. How unfair? When you are young it drags on but now with these beautiful little humans it is moving twice as fast. 

    My advice? Slow down. Stare at the little faces and definitely squeeze them tight even if they object! It’s hard but so worth it. The days are long but the years are short!
    XO, Jess 

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