Two Under Two Must Haves Vol. 2: Baby Gear


I have two tips when it comes to baby gear. Buy used, and you do not need to buy everything you read about. Haha! Here is my list of some serious must haves when you have double the fun running around your house.

Sound Machine: to drown out #1’s shenanigans
Bouncer : sometimes you need to put baby down in a safe place. Also, make sure it’s nothing gigantic so it’ll be portable!
Wrap: I use this the most if we don’t want to take the stroller in (grocery store, church, etc).
– Double Stroller: I love my baby jogger side by side. It is incredibly easy to maneuver and yes, it fits through every doorway! I prefer these to the front to back strollers just because I am terrible at running into things. 🙂
Wubbanubs: because #1 will probably run off with pacifiers, these are easier to find!

– Extra Pair Of Hands
– 5,000 Diapers
– 5,000 Wipes

If you are trying to put together a registry, these are your basics!. For the “gear”/big stuff … BUY USED! They grow out of it soooo quickly it’s hardly worth buying something brand new. Trust me, I dumped cash on brand new everything for Cameron and half the time I didn’t make even half of the money back. Also, neutral! I am kicking myself for buying her all pink everything. I know Eli doesn’t care, but I do. Haha. First world problems.


If you are on your way to two under two, congrats!!! It’s literally the best.
XO, Jess

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