Traveling With Kids: Roadtrip Edition 

The holiday season is upon us which means lots of traveling and visiting family. This is hands down my favorite time of year but with the travels comes interesting road trips with a baby and toddler. We have made quite a few road trips with Cameron as a baby and now as toddler so I’m mentally prepared!

For Thanksgiving this year we are going to Dallas (4 hrs) and then to Lubbock (5 hrs) then back to Houston, total drove time with zero stops 18 hours. So I’ll just let you guess how long we will actually be in the car that week. Thankfully we will have a few days in between to recover!



With that being said, here is how we survive road trips…

  • Dress Comfortably: This goes for e v e r y o n e in the car. I pretty much refuse to wear jeans during road trips. Easy slip on shoes but wear socks because nobody wants to smell stinky feet!
  • Eat Before: We always eat a good breakfast/lunch (depending on when we leave) so Cameron is not a monster. Hungry toddlers could literally end the world. Eli is fed at the very last second before we leave. We made the Dallas drive this past weekend and he did great so I don’t expect too much craziness from him.
  • Food: Try to limit the sugar. The last thing anyone needs is a toddler on a sugar high confined to their car seat. Cheese, crackers, granola bars, and water only. We will probably be stopping ever 3ish hours to feed Eli and change diapers. SIDENOTE: Let’s all pray for ZERO blowouts!
  • Drinks: Water! Sometimes car rides are more fun with an icee but it always make us feeling gross and sick. Lesson learned.
  • Movies: IPad, DVD Player, whatever! Bring movies! Download a few classic movies, toss the IPad back there and enjoy the peace. Thank you Baby Jesus that we bought an SUV with TVs in the headrest. Separate TVS that can play two different movies. Hallelujah.
  • Coloring Books: Depending on your child’s age, bring coloring books! Cameron doesn’t understand what “stay on the paper” means so I love these Water Wow books for her. They are reusable!!!!!! I usually bring a new book for me to read, also.
  • Take Breaks!: It’s okay to stop if someone is having a meltdown (adult or not). Find a McDonalds and let them play and burn some energy.
  • Leave Room For A Changing Station: The back half of our SUV is usually crazy full with luggage but make sure you pack the car with enough space to lay dow your kiddo for a diaper change. I also leave extra diapers/wipes/clothes back there so we don’t have to unpack a suitcase to clean them up!
  • Plan Ahead: If you need to be somewhere at a specific time it may be a good idea to double your drive time, or maybe just leave a day early. Kids are so unpredictable.


All in all, road trips with kids can really sound like a daunting task. They can be but these easy tips can make it a whole lot easier. What keeps your kids sane during road trips?



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