Gift Guide: Two Under Two

I absolutely hated Christmas shopping prior to kids. It always seemed like a chore and I felt so “blah” asking for gifts for myself. But now with kids, oh my gosh. There is so much more magic in the air with the littles around. I am so excited to surprise them and teach them about giving! The gifts are such a small part of the season, so I don’t like to put a huge emphasis on getting gifts but rather the true meaning of Christmas. The gift of eternal life. Pretty sure that is the coolest, most expensive gift you’ll ever get, right?!

This is a list I compiled (throughout the year, ha!) of ideas for Cameron and Eli. I love getting her the “girly girl” type stuff but I am branching out to things that they can both enjoy because money doesn’t grow on trees. 🙂

My Christmas Shopping List:

Outdoor Playhouse: Cameron plays in these at church all the time. She is obsessed! This is going to be their “big gift”. It’s almost impossible to get Cameron inside so I figure this will get a lot of use!

Little People Playset: These are the cutest thing. This is also something they are going to share. I got the A to Z Zoo Set but my other favorite is this Little People Caring For Animals set  this is also on my list for my nephew. She has this Noah’s Ark Little People Set and she loooooves it.

Books, Books and more Books! My friend, Diann, sells Usborne books and I have totally fallen in love with them. Just about every kid I know is getting one. I am really excited to grow Cameron and Eli’s library with books that have great lessons to teach!

Jumbo Minnie Mouse:  Yea, I went there. Cameron’s obsession with Minnie Mouse is strong right now! I couldn’t help myself. She is going to FREAK when she sees this on Christmas morning.

Minnie Mouse Cash Register: I figure its never too early to get her started on financial planning, ha!

Baby boy probably won’t care one bit this year. But, since I bought all pink baby toys for Cameron, I figure it would only be fair to grab him some “not so girly” infant toys. I got these Stacking Tobbles, this cute little Steering Wheel Toy, and this Push Start Spin Turtle.

Stocking Stuffers: I got these bath toys and bath letters for each kid and of course some winter beanies for him and her. Eli is getting a starter sippy cup and Cameron will probably need a few more since they disappear on the reg.

Other Fun Kid Ideas:
Here are some other ideas for young kids that can be shared between siblings! I am all about educational toys or things that serve a purpose rather than “stuff”. I know there is a lot of controversy about gifts/junk/experiences instead. I think once our littles are older they will appreciate those types of gifts. I don’t buy toys though, honestly I don’t. Cameron’s play room consists of things she got for her birthday or last Christmas so I’m not a huge stickler about gift types. When she grows out of something we always pass it on to other littles we know or donate. Ok, rant over.

Water Wow Books: These things are genius and so entertaining! They are also reusable…WIN.They come in different themes geared towards, boy or girl and age level. Again, genius.

Picnic Table: I think after 18 months, learning to sit at a small kiddie table is appropriate. Cameron would much prefer sitting at a table than a high chair these days.

Melissa & Doug: This is one of my all time favorite brands for kids. Almost all of their toys are great learning tools for the littles. This My First Calendar is great for teaching them about the days, months, season, etc. Plus it is so cute! Does anyone else have a little that is obsessed with the broom? I love this little Cleaning Set! If only it actually kept the house clean, haha. They also have great learning activity books. Like scissor skills and using tape , learning how to tie a shoe, and learning how to tell time.

Also, aren’t clothes in the next size up the best? I swear I look up one day and neither kid fit any their clothes! If you hunt down some good consignment sales, there are always gems there at a great price. I LOOOVE hand me downs. They make my wallet happy and kids do not care.


There are soooo many gift guides out there with great ideas. Browsing Pinterest for “gift guides” and you can find something for literally everyone on your list. This is a guide of my favorites and my personal shopping list and a lot not mentioned because our family consists of 9 million kids and I don’t want to bombard you, ha!
Merry Christmas Shopping!

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