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I am currently at about 12 months combined of nursing, how fun! In this time, I have learned all the tips and tricks to maintaining YOUR sense of style while nursing. You don’t have to be confined to plain tanks/tees! There is a whole world outside of nursing specific clothing that flow with breastfeeding! The purpose of this post, is to remind you that you can transform things you already have and easily continue with these styles AFTER breastfeeding. It’s totally doable!

Here are my tips and tricks, as well as, links to some of my favorite styles that I can’t live without.

V Neck / Scoop Neck: Sweaters, tees, dress, you name it! Low scoops or v necks are my staple when it comes to nursing friendly clothes. They are a great basic or pair them up with a sweater/jacket and you are done. No snaps, flaps or anything in your way!

Buttons, Lots of Buttons! Also your friend, are buttons! Think flannel in the winter, or just an easy 3/4 sleeve in th warmer months. You’d be surprised at how many button up tops you own. If you have a bigger chest, I am sure you steer clear of buttons, but don’t worry! A tank underneath and you don’t have to worry about the pulling at the top. A lot of seasonal dress have buttons too, they are always in style. Soooo easy and so nursing friendly.

Oversized Anything: In terms of tops, if you size up you’ll find that you have wiggle room to either wear a tank underneath for the “two shirt nursing trick” or enough to keep you covered if you need to lift it up. Sweaters usually act like their very own cover in this case! Genius.

Wrap / Faux Wrap: Wrap tops are super in right now, for good reason! They look good on everyone and nursing moms are NOT excluded. The ultimate nursing staple and easy access. It’s like they were made for us!

Off The Shoulder: I hope these don’t go out of style any time soon, also flattering on everyone. Off the shoulder tops/dress are like strapless without the commitment. Ha! Easy to pull down and feed the babe. But also, so good if you aren’t nursing!

Ponchos: Wear your nursing cover, ALL DAY LONG. Seriously, genius.

The Dreaded Nursing Bra: I don’t know about you but ew. I don’t like nursing bras at all. They offer no support and usually aren’t “pretty”. I have a nude and black nursing bra but otherwise, here is your new friend. BRALETTES! Some styles are even padded so you don’t have to sacrifice, ya know, exposure in the cooler months, ha! Also, always cute if they peek out a little. Comfortable and easy to move around when it’s feeding time. Just trust me on this one. There might be some trial and error when trying to find the style that works best with your girls, but your best friend is out there!

I hope this gives you some hope and inspiration during the season of little babes and breastfeeding. When your are in the dressing room, but give it a little tug and see how easy the access it! Haha!

Disclaimer: these styles may work better for specific seasons but remember: a sweater + boots can dress up a summer dress in the fall and a pair of shorts can summer-ize a long sleeve top. 🙂

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