My Postpartum Weight Loss {while breastfeeding}

After I had Eli I was eager to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, heck, I was dreaming of my pre-WEDDING weight. If you are married, you know exactly what I mean. There is such a thing! Anyways, knowing that our family was complete gave me the extra push I needed to get back in gear. I’m going to share without how I shed the “baby weight” and got 15 pounds BELOW my pre-pregnancy weight and back to my weight on the day of our wedding. Spoiler Alert: I have not started working out yet!






That’s it. That is all I have done so far. I have kept a log in my phone of my weight and seeing the changes kept me going. Don’t overuse the scale but use it as a tool to track your progress.

If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!


#1. I drink an obscene amount of water… most days. Usually, the most at night when I may be prone to have a late snack.

#2. This may sound crazy, but DO NOT eat past 7pm. Usually you are settling down and getting into bed. Read: not burning those late dinner/snack calories. We eat dinner around 5:30. You’ll probably feel the pull towards the pantry/fridge around 8 or 9pm… but don’t do it!

#3. Protein bars, fruit, or chug some water. BF-ing makes you hungry, there is no doubt about it. I stocked up on some protein bars from HEB and they have been a godsend. Snack smart.

#4. Weather permitting, we go for walks. Our neighborhood park and back to home is 1 mile, so it’s the perfect easy exercise and good for the mom brain as well.

#5. My least favorite of all has been going easy on the carbs. They are everywhere so it’s hard to avoid them but completely doable. Salads, lettuce wraps, and giving yourself a reasonable limit. I haven’t cut them out completely (Umm, chips and queso please!) There is always room for less haha!

My Progress:

Postpartum I was wearing a tight size 28/6, currently I’ve gotten to a comfortable size 2/26. But they are stretchy, so does it even count? Haha! I gained 25 pounds with Eli’s pregnancy and so far I am down 40 pounds from his birthday! I have some pretty lofty goals for the next 6 months but I am trying to focus less on the scale and more on how clothes fit and how I feel in general. Self confidence is everything.

I will give breastfeeding a hungry boy 95% of the credit. It burns calories like crazy, but I did tell myself I was going to do it. I was going to be more aware of what and when I was eating and I would absolutely crush my goal even with all of the holiday food temptations. { I wouldn’t say that I crushed it, but hey! I will take it as a win! }

We have some cool plans to covert the 2 car garage into a gym so we won’t have any excuses. I really do enjoy working out but I am not a fan of gym childcare and I also have no will power to load everyone up in the car! Right?!?!

Anyways, I don’t have some fool-proof secret to losing weight postpartum. I never lost all of my weight with Cameron so I’m thinking each postpartum timeframe is different even for one person. This 5 months of weight loss was purely mental the next 6 months will be physical. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.






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4 thoughts on “My Postpartum Weight Loss {while breastfeeding}

  1. I loved these tips! They seem practical enough for any mom to use but not to costly or time consuming. I was wondering about the water tip though… does drinking so much keep you running to the bathroom all day and night? I drink a moderate amount right now and I feel like I live in the bathroom, but I am pregnant lol.

    1. It really doesn’t once you’ve had the baby! I feel like my body was absorbing every drop! Not sure if that is what really happens but its that “desert” type of thirst that I had while breastfeeding! You got this 🙂

    1. Girl, I can only drink water if it has ice in it and its SUPER cold haha. Bubba Kegs are really awesome for getting a ton in you throughout the day!

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