A Letter To My Valentine’s Baby with Luhvee Books

{This post is sponsored by Luhvee Books but all thoughts and opinions are my own.}

We are closing in very quickly on this little sweetie pie’s SECOND birthday. I am torn between feeling like she has been apart of our lives for ever and feeling like she was just a tiny little newborn yesterday. That Valentine’s Day changed the meaning of the “day of love” drastically for us. It could not have been more perfect for her though. She IS love.

I teamed up with Luhvee Books to create a sweet keepsake for Cameron; a letter from her parents about how AWESOME SHE IS. She is a total book worm and I know this will be something she cherishes forever! I am so excited to give her something she can look back on and read about all of the things that make her truly special to us. This book was a great way to sit down and put into words all of the things that make Cameron, Cameron.






Putting the book together was SEAMLESS. The program used to customize your book is very user friendly and gives you lots of tips to get the most out of your Luhvee Book. I used THIS template and changed some of the wording to be more appropriate from a Mom/Dad to Child gift. I wanted to convey all of the things that make her unique and write down some of our favorite memories of her. It took me less than ten minutes to create the book! It was easy to think of all the Cameron-isms!



The result is this beautiful hard back book with her sweet face on the cover. She was a little confused as to why she was reading a book full of herself but she could not put it down. I just let her have a sneak peek and we will save the reading for her actual birthday! Overall, the process was so easy and FUN! There are a lot of personalized books out there but Luhvee for sure takes the cake! They have thought of everything you need to inspire and help create something that is truly memorable!


(yes she is wearing a dress up outfit over her pajamas – not even battle worth considering! HAHA)

If you are interested in grabbing your own Luhvee Book be sure to use my coupon code: Grace&Ford20 for a 20% off discount! You will not be disappointed!

XO, Jess





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