Fostering A Toddler’s Imagination

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Have you ever sat and watched your toddler make up their own little game or scenario when they are playing? It is really impressive! I looooove watching Cameron play independently. She says the silliest things and she always looks like she is on a mission. I am so excited to share with you some of my tips for fostering a toddler’s imagination and one of our new favorite tools to use in the creative process!

We are currently loving this Minnie Mouse Wooden Double Sided Activity Easel by Delta Children for quite a few reasons. First, it’s Minnie Mouse! If you remember, this girl is obsessed. Second, it is a magnetic AND a dry erase board on one side and chalk on the other side. ¬†It has two cute storage bins on the bottom that can hold chalk, magnets, markers, and you can even hold some coloring sheets up there, too!

It’s solid wood so it’s sturdy enough for her to lean on when she gets in “coloring mode”, ya know, when they tune EVERYTHING out! My favorite thing about easels like this is that she has 100% control over what she wants to do with it. I like to toss up some words and show her how to write the letters but as you can see it usually turns into a jumbled mess. Which is a-okay with me, she’s having fun letting her creativity shine!



Some other ways to help your little “make up their own” land of fun are:

  1. Let them control playtime. When you have a moment, sit back and watch your toddler chose which toys they want to play with and how. They are SO creative!
  2. Give them ideas! I love taking out blocks or play-doh stencils and showing Cameron how to use them. She is so intrigued and usually won’t put them down for quite awhile!
  3. Play WITH them. This is so important and unfortunately I think it is often lost among parents. You child will thrive off of playing WITH you. Get down on the floor and make castles, draw pictures, and show them what things are and how to use them. They will soak up every single second!

It is totally amazing to me how kids come up with certain things when they are playing. Half of the time, I’m like, “Where did you learn that?!” They really are little sponges! Watching her learn and grow is so important to me and something that I truly cherish. It makes it even better when we find tools like this Easel to foster that sense of creativity. Kids are proof that we are all born with that desire to create and learn!

What do your kids like to create or play with the most?



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  1. I loved having an easel growing up! Luke loves to line things up in a row…cars, trains, books, sticks, markers, etc. I just wonder what’s going on in that little head of his!

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