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Cameron is the queen of snacking and sweet little brother is close on her heels. It’s been so much fun fostering his self-feeding techniques as he grows (waaaaay too fast) and learns what it means to implement healthy eating habits now while he is still a “baby”.  I’m going to share with you here 3 ways that we SNACK SMART with Gerber Snacks!

We all know the infamous Gerber baby, maybe even refer to our own cuties at the iconic “Gerber Baby”. No? Only me? They have been in the business of doing anything for baby since 1927! Its their reputation and consistency that earns them the title of one of the most popular and trusted baby nutrition brands in the world!

One of my favorite things about Gerber products are the wide variety of healthy snack options that they offer. Every single thing that your littles eat at this point in their life are so essential to their growth! I know for us, when we are on the go it’s SO convenient for us to have healthy snacks on hand! I don’t think we could survive eating out or grocery trips without SOMETHING. Am I the only one that deals with a snack-a-sauraus? (Keeping reading for a coupon!)

The best way for her to get excited about healthy snack…. let her pick them out! I can’t tell you how many times she gets more excited about the yogurt melts. A girl after my own heart, haha!


1. Choose healthy + nutritious options: It’s easiest when you are on the go to settle for quick snacks. Trust me, that is how we survive with two littles while we are out and about! Gerber offers tons of tasty snacks that include whole grains, real fruit and even yogurt!

2. Safe snacking + Learning, too!: What I love about Gerber are their new eater-friendly snacks. Eli is just now branching out into grabbing his own snacks and learning to feed himself. It’s so important to me that the snacks not only be healthy options but great new tools to help him learn to self feed! Every bite counts! I never leave them unattended with food, even two years later, sometimes Cameron gets ahead of herself, haha!

3. Healthy Eating Habits: I can honestly say that 99% of Cameron’s tantrums come from her wanting a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th snack. #toddlers haha! It’s so important to teach her from her young age the importance of healthy snacking and establishing healthy eating patterns even if it means saying, “lets go play!” instead of “no more snacks!”. We try to stick to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with two snacks during the day! We have found that if she snacks too much too close to dinner she wants nothing to do with it and she gets hungry right at bedtime. Silly girl!


Research shows that most littles from ages 8 months – 2 years get roughly 25% of their calories from snacking. I’m thinking Cameron gets much more!  Gerber has taken this into account when creating their wide variety of healthy and yummy snacks for your little one. My favorite part: no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or synthetic colors E V E R ! We try to avoid the unhealthy “extras” because let’s be totally honest. She doesn’t need anymore energy than he sweet little soul was born with!!! It is sometimes a real struggle to get Cameron to eat her recommended fruits, veggies, and grains. Did you know that 90% of 2-3 year old fall short on MyPlate recommendations for whole grains? Thats some serious motivation for me to sneak that in during snack time! Even 1/3 of 8-24 months old don’t get enough whole grains on any given day. With GERBER SNACKS, you can squeeze in some daily nutrition with sacrificing taste or buying a snack your little won’t like!

Eli’s current favorites are these yummy yogurt melts and the puffs .(No, I haven’t tried them..Ok yes I have) They are big enough for him to pick up and quickly dissolve so I don’t have to worry about choking. Although, I do still break them up from time to time. #worrywart They even last in the car when we are out running errands so I can always have them on hand. Mom Tip: Buy extras that are DEDICATED diaper bag snacks. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting them!


Cameron is obsessed with these Lil Crunchies!
They come is so many different flavors so it’s easy to mix it up every now and then!
If she is down to snack on some “chips” then they must be good!


So I hope this has helped motivate you and your little to SNACK SMART! Gerber has always been such a trustworthy brand and you know you are getting high quality nutrition! If you are a looking for some healthy snacks HERE is a coupon for some of Gerber’s yumminess!

Xo, Jessica



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