Baby Registry Must Haves {For Sleep}

The most precious part of bringing home a newborn is SLEEP. Honestly, newborns are pretty impressive when it comes to sleep. It’s like they can sleep anywhere and through anything during the day. But when it’s nighttime, they are all about that party life. Here are my life savers when it comes to helping those sweet new things learn that nighttime is for sleep and daytime is for awake-ness.

Fisher Price Rock N Play: My holy grail baby registry item. Both kids slept in this at night from when we brought them home to about 6/7 months old. If you snag one with the auto-rocker, even better. I know there is some flack out there about these causing flatheads but we didn’t have an issue with either. They slept in them ONLY at night to avoid too much exposure, but it really wasn’t a big deal. Make sure you wash the cover frequently! Baby sweat and spit up can collect underneath and it gets yucky, quick.

Sound Machine: Another thing that we used from day 1. Cameron is two and she still has hers on every nap and every night. These are great at teaching baby to sleep through everything and blocking out startling noises during the night (hello, barking dog). These have the option to be used with batteries (for travel) or plugged in. They also have a variety of different sounds!

Muslin Swaddle Blankets: These are great if you live in a warmer climate, to use to cover the carseat, to lay baby on, and especially to swaddle. There are a lot of brands and prints available. I really did not find a difference between this brand and other higher end brands. My favorite swaddle and multi-use blanket!

Merlin Magic Sleepsuit: This was our magic trick for the rock n play to crib transition. It really did work! We started Cameron in it around 5 months and she was finished by about 7 months old. {{This is a great option to transition out of a swaddle}} but I have to mention that all babies are different. Eli’s arms and legs were way too long for this and he could move around pretty freely (aka: it didn’t work for him)…

Zipadeezip: Like I said, all babies are different. This was our saving grace with Eli. He loved to be cuddled but he would always break out of swaddles, so that was a no-go. This was the perfect transition swaddle for him (and really friggin’ cute). *We used the size small on him for a more snug fit.

Swing or Bouncer: For daytime naps, lounging, or a safe place for baby to hangout swings/or bouncers are a great investment. This particular bouncer was so lightweight and easy to move around or take upstairs. Cameron even laid in it a few times so it’s sturdy! Swings are kind of hit or miss. We never had one with Cameron but Eli really did love it for naps during the day for the first few months. I say if you don’t have the space, don’t stress over it!

Pack N Play: When working on the transition out of the Rock N Play the Pack N Play was a great option to have in our bedroom while we worked out the new sleepy time routine. Also, we LOVE the PNP for sleeping when we aren’t at home! Make sure you find one that is simple and folds up great! This particular one is super simple and great quality!

Baby Monitor: There is about 900 million different types of monitors on the market so this is totally my opinion and what we needed. You can find just about every bell and whistle on some cameras but I am good with simple and a clear view! My new favorites is this particular monitor. It is not adjustable from the parent hand held, but the view is HUGE you don’t even need to move it. It comes with two for both rooms or you can buy up to 4 cameras for each parent hand held. It’s fairly inexpensive compared to most brands, too!

Lovey¬†or Security Blanket: My absolutely favorite is this lovey. It comes in lots of different colors and animal types, too. It’s the softest thing ever and holds up really well through washes! I think self soothing is so important for babies to develop and this was key in getting them to feel comfort when I am not by their side 24/7. Cameron eventually grew into her favorite blanket but Eli looooves this particular lovey. He won’t sleep without and even then he is holding onto it all night long!



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Getting ready for baby can be extremely tedious and the amount of stuff that you are told you need is overwhelming. Take it from me. Getting ready for baby is less about the stuff and more about getting your heart ready to be totally captivated by a little squishy person.

Stay tuned for the next post in the series about Baby Registries…Feeding!

Xo, Jess

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