What I’m Feeding Baby Eli to Help Him Grow Strong!

This post is sponsored by Gerber®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

There is no shortage of information available when it comes to having a baby. They need this and that to be healthy but make sure you ALSO do this and that. It can really be overwhelming, especially as a new mom. There are foods to give, stay away from, things they can’t have until they are one and the list goes on. But guess what?! Gerber has taken all of the guessing out of baby food!

As baby gets older and ventures into solids and regular meal times the “What Do I Feed Them?” question will always be on your mind. We want to make sure they are getting the proper nutrients that help their growing bodies and brains, of course! One of the most important building blocks to a healthy baby is: iron. Although mother’s breastmilk is naturally low in iron, adding Gerber Infant Cereal to their breakfast routine can make all of the difference!

Just two servings of Gerber Infant Cereal are enough to meet 100% of baby’s daily iron needs! The cereal is also packed with other nutrients like Zinc, Calcium, and lots of Vitamin C, E, and B. It’s a great first food to introduce to baby and something they can use all throughout babyhood! I love using this DHA/Probiotic Infant cereal to focus a little extra attention on his gut healthy and brain/eye development. DHA is a HUGE factor in infant growth and the probiotic Bifidus BL helps support his tummy as he navigates through new foods!

It’s so amazing the transformation that Eli has taken over the last few months. I can tell when he wakes up some morning that he just feels bigger. It’s enough to totally bring tears to my eyes! He is learning to stand up, loves to chat, and of course is INTO EVERYTHING. It’s those little changes in his personality and things that he is able to do that I can contribute to our use of infant cereal. The vitamins and nutrients that he gets at breakfast time are essential to his growth and making sure that he is right on track. I mean, we will never have to worry about his height, that’s for sure! Ha!

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