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Hey Blogger/Soon-To-Be Gals,

I have had a few questions about how I go about working with brands. Although, not all of my work is through networks, I have found these to be the most helpful when you are starting out. It gives you a chance to learn how to pitch (they often involve filling out applications) and getting a feel for what most brands expect when working with bloggers/influencers. These are the ones that I have worked with personally, if I do begin a relationship with the MANY others out there I will add them to this list.

I will have another post soon about working with brands directly which is a whole different ball game.
Stay Tuned.


Massive Sway: They are very detailed and thorough, and not to mention helpful with any questions you may have. I have worked with an author, Stonyfield Yogurt, and Enfamil with this network. They often have A LOT of opportunities open and the applications are pretty straight forward/quick to fill out.

Social Fabric: SoFab often features a lot of “big” brands/stores. These are fun because you actually go shop for the products. Be very detailed in your application so that they can get a feel for you, what YOU offer and your content ideas. I’ve worked with Kleenex, VIVA, Dial, and Aveeno with this network.

Linqia:¬†This is a fun network to work with. They will reach out to you when programs become available. You usually have a click amount you need to reach in order to receive your full payment (its very reasonable) and they pay quickly/reasonably. It’s a great network to work with when you are starting out! I’ve worked with Gerber, Dove, and have a few others on the table.

Social Native: There are often a lot of really fun campaigns/brands on social native but finding them can be hit or miss. Be diligent about checking their website! Mostly Instagram only campaigns.

Activate: These are fun campaigns and I’ve actually gotten to write for Trivago through Activate which was really cool. They offer just about anything you can think of!!

PRIMP Network: Primp is always very helpful and detailed so you know exactly what to expect during a campaign. They give you a lot of freedom when it comes to posting so it can best fit with your schedule and the pay is great, too.

Heartbeat.Co: This is a good option if you are just starting out and what to get your foot in the door when it comes to working with other brands. Their pay *isn’t* great but the experience with working with a network is helpful and they usually have some really cool things!

Izea: I worked with Lennox through IZEA and it was such a cool opportunity. They usually have surveys that you can take and if they have something that fits your information they will reach out. You can also apply for opportunities they have open, too.

Obvious.ly: This one has a TON of cool brands to work with but you have a limited pick if you are under 10K Instagram followers. I’ve seen Plato’s Closet, Google, all kinds of “everyday” brands!

Updated** Here are a few others that I’m just getting started with, I’ll be back with more information soon!


Influence Central

The Cirqle



Brand Backer

I like to keep in mind that I am not a salesperson but view myself as a walking, talking billboard. I love to share details and information about brands/products to help someone make a decision if its the right thing for them. Don’t lose sight of that when you branch out this way. Be aware of your time and energy and what you bring to the table. That is all very important.

Any questions? Let me know, I’d love to help!

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