Jurassic Quest: The Ultimate Dino Experience

This post was written in collaboration with Jurassic Quest. Thank you so much for hosting us!

I ran across Jurassic Quest on Facebook and it was probably the coolest thing that I’ve ever heard of, so I knew we just had to go! Cameron has an obsession with all things snakes and dinosaurs so I thought she would really get a kick out of this experience!

What Is Jurassic Quest?
Jurassic Quest is a true interactive walk through the time of the dinosaurs! They are the only event that has TRUE TO LIFE size and replicated dinosaurs! These aren’t just dino bones that you can look at, these are roaring and moving dinosaurs! Jurassic Quest has over 200 dinosaurs from skyscrapers to the smallest babies. It’s such a unique twist on dinosaurs that give kids and adults alike a look into their actual life!

Visit their site to see when Jurassic Quest is coming to a city near you!

Things To Do:

There are so many activities at Jurassic Quest and something for all ages! They have 6+ dinosaur rides, bumper cars, jeep rides, dinosaur races, bone digs, TONS of Dino themed slides/bounce houses, interactive shows with the Dino babies and walking dinosaurs, crafts, and science experiments, too!

There were some seriously cute photo op stations, and the exhibits themselves were very educational and life like! Something about seeing a dinosaur that’s not just bones is really cool!

Jurassic Quest is such a fun, educational way to spend your day with the family. There was so much to do, it really was a huge setup that you could spend HOURS at and still not doing everything! It was so priceless to see the total joy and excitement on Cameron’s face! Can’t wait to visit them again!

Here’s a fun peak into Jurassic Quest:


Eli wasn’t too sure….

Got to ride a T-Rex!

This was hilarious to watch! Dino Races!


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