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New York Institute Of Art & Design: Interior Design Program {Unit 1 Overview}

This post is sponsored by New York Insititute Of Art & Design. All opinions, photos, and experiences are my own.

I am teaming up with NYIAD to bring you a series of blog posts that dive deep into the interior design course and what it’s all about! If you have stumbled here, you may be wanting to become professional or even decorate your house with a little more structure! I’m going to go over each unit as I complete them and offer a little more insight to what you can expect!

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This unit has A LOT of information! My biggest advice is to take notes as you read and listen to the videos; just jot down the important information or things that you didn’t know before.

This unit will walk you through:
– The elements of a successful room
– How to measure rooms + drafting
– Your first room rough sketch
– Real estate staging
– Working with clients + developing a relationship with them
– How interior designers charge for their services
– Using technology + programs in interior design
– Color Basics (you get to mix your own paint, too!)

A lot of information, right?! It was so helpful to learn about the behind the scenes and what really makes a room beautiful. I know we can all recognize a well designed room but understand WHY is huge. Everything that you will learn in Unit One will give you such a strong foundation to dive even deeper into design.


For the unit one project you will complete your very own rough sketch of a room (yours or someone you know) and also fill out some a “room condition checklist” and “lifestyle questionnaire”. You will go over these throughout the unit and learn how to properly measure a room, draw it, and answer questions with your clients to properly meet their design needs!

If you are interested in the course or have any questions feel free to email me!

Happy Designing!







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6 thoughts on “New York Institute Of Art & Design: Interior Design Program {Unit 1 Overview}

  1. Hi Jessica I am interested in into designer but I have a question what if you were not a person who could draw wow I wrong but you have the vision to become an interior designer

    1. You definitely don’t have to be good st drawing! Theybwalk you through drafting and drawing floorplans which require no artistic ability! It’s much easier than you think! I can’t draw at all, haha.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I’m currently thinking about perusing this certificate and I wanted to know if they provide any drawing material or would you have to purchase that on your own?

  3. Hi Jessica!

    I am considering the design course and was wondering how much time per day/week you need to dedicate to the course more or less?

    I am currently working full-time so trying to see if it is doable.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hey there! So sorry its taken me so long to get back to you. I completed it in 6 months flat and I did not work on it full time. I have two kids so I did early mornings, nap time, and after bed when I was able. It could easily be done in 3-4 months if you work full time.

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