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New York Institute of Art & Design Interior Design Program {Unit 2 Overview}

This post is sponsored by New York Insititute Of Art & Design. All opinions, photos, and experiences are my own.

With Unit 2 came a lot of technical information about what I had already learned in Unit 1 (read more here about that section) and it was really exciting to feel more like a “professional.”

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Drafting Floorplans To Scale

This was the most prominent part of this unit and it came with a supply of drafting tools. Walking through the practice floorplan gave me a lot of confidence when it came to drawing my living room and bedroom to scale. Fractions, numbers and math really intimidate me but the course walks you through step by step, so don’t worry! I am a firm believer that practice makes perfect, do practice!

Value & Hue Of Colors

These color exercises (that you will turn in) were a lot of fun, although tedious. It’s amazing what the value and hue of colors can do when you add a little of this or a little of that. It’s definitely easier to see the transformations when you mix your own colors! Your supplies with come with some already “made” colors but don’t use them! Plus, getting the hands on experience of creating colors is a lot of fun, too!

Early American Farmhouse Furniture

This was really fun to learn about because “farmhouse” decor/style is SO popular right now. Honestly, seeing the characteristics definitely makes me realize that today’s “farmhouse” isn’t really all that “farmhouse”. Simple, natural wood is the foundation of farmhouse furniture and it really is a classic type of furniture!

Decluttering & Organization

Y’all. This is my JAM! Decluttering is a very psychological process for a lot of people so realizing that there are tons of ways to organize properly I think would be a game changer for those that “can’t” declutter! I am really excited to not only pass that information on but also use it in my house, too!

I hope you are enjoying following me along on this journey! I’ll be sharing more photos and inside info on my Instagram!




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