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How To Decorate With Color: Navy

I think one of my secret favorite actual colors, ya know, with pigment…is navy! It is such a classic color that flows with almost everything you can think of! I’m going to share with you some mood boards with navy accents, navy statement pieces, and some tips on how to decorate with navy and maintain harmony with all different design styles!


Paint + Accent Walls: Easily one of my favorite way to dress up the color navy in a room. Navy is, yep you guessed it, a huge statement but when done correctly it won’t make a room seem like a dungeon! You want to go lighter with the largest furniture and tone it down from there. Furniture, window treatments, and rugs will be your best bet to keep it light and bright with such a dark wall.

Rugs, Window Treatments, & Furniture: Another great way to spice up a room, figuratively of course, is with the second most important parts of a room. If you aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger on paint — these pieces will do.

a.) Navy rugs are great for families, kids, and dogs (hides the dirt) and really doesn’t draw too much attention away from other parts of the room. Make sure you go with a muted navy and not true blue.

b.) This can be a little tricky, but let’s look at some options. If you want to pop the windows with some color, navy window treatments are not off limits! I would be careful to keep them open for light and maybe even an extra long curtain rod so they lay over the walls and not the window at all. If you want the color but also need some privacy, opt to add the navy panel and a sheer neutral panel towards the inside that you can close without moving the outer panel, make sense? Haha!

c.) If your style likes to make a statement and you enjoy conversation then a piece of furniture in navy is for you! A table, buffet, velvet chair (drool) or even an entire couch! It will definitely be a “wow factor” but again, suuuuper easy to play down and not be like “what’s this gigantic blue thing in her living room?” Neutral pillows, flowers, and keeping the rest of the room lowwwwww key will be your friend.

Accessories + Decor:¬†If you are dying for some navy but none of that is speaking to you, don’t worry! Wall decor, throw blankets/pillows, and accessories might be suited better for your style. If you keep your room clutter-free and organized navy decor won’t throw it off. Sometimes, because its just dark, it can look like overkill so be very careful to chose items that you just cannot live without. Stray away from “knick knacks” and go with art or a beautiful vase, instead! If you want to sprinkle some navy into a bedroom, a beautiful duvet would totally seal the deal.


I had so much fun putting together these inspiration boards with navy. Just like, grey, there are SO many variations of navy from muted grayish navy to the richest of rich. Carefully exam your style, function of your space and your lifestyle when reaching for this color. It is extremely popular right now, (I personally love it!) for so many reasons. It’s versatile, not overbearing, and classic! Don’t forget if you need any help, I have E-Design Services available to help you tackle your love of navy!

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