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New York Institute Of Art & Design: Interior Design Course {Unit 4 Overview}

This post is sponsored by the New York Institute Of Art & Design. All thoughts, opinions, and photographs are my own.

More than halfway!!!! I am so incredibly thankful for NYIAD trusting me to represent them through this course. The school has been so helpful at helping me navigate something that is truly near and dear to my heart. If you have any questions about the course please feel free to email me, I’d love to help!

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So here in Unit 4, you are much more comfortable with your professional eye for design. You can easily spot when something doesn’t feel right and plan for changes. I’ve had so much fun learning about all of the technical things that I love. I thought I had a pretty good grasp on design but there is truly a TON of information that goes on behind the scenes.

LIGHTING: I don’t know about you but I am sucker for an awesome chandelier. Here you focus less on the looks and more on the true function of light- to light! Knowing the purpose behind a room is everything and this section will walk you through some questions you need to ask yourself and your client about the function of their room. Lighting is a game changer.

BALANCE: This is one of my favorite things to learn about because design is all about how something makes you feel. When you walk into a room you just know if something is off. You just know! Here you will walk through some examples and work on training your eye to also detect and think critically about balance.

COLOR SCHEMES: Paint all the things! That’s how I felt during this section. Using your own personal style as a practice tool while you go through this will help you really sharpen your style and knowing the difference between schemes. Everyone is different and you have to be knowledgeable about different styles, too! This section will also help you understand more about the color wheel which is life, basically.

WINDOW TREATMENTS: Blinds, shutters, drapes, YOU NAME IT! There are a lot of traditional styles and more modern ones in this section so it’s important to pay close attention! You really can’t go wrong with window treatments, they will never go out of style. Knowing how to properly hang, style, and use drapes for the room’s benefit is a huge talking point in this section. Windows are the eyeballs of the room so they need a little makeup, right?!

ENGLISH FURNITURE STYLES: Here is some major history for you through this era of furniture that although you don’t see a ton of it, it’s classic and when done correctly can be interchanged with more “of the time” furniture styles. This style set us up to understand what detail really meant!

This is a longer unit that is FULL of extremely useful information so proceed with caution! I really love having a dedicated notebook to taking notes on points that the course really relays over and over. Taking notes is a great resource to have to refer back when you are doing your projects and even as you become a professional!

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