Simple Valentine’s Day Decor

I love seeing all of the bright, colorful Valentine’s Day decor in other’s home but I, personally, err on the side of less is more and keeping things simple! If this isn’t your holiday style, that’s okay! That’s what makes it YOUR style, right?

I’m going to share with you my SIMPLE Valentine’s Day decor and some things to keep in mind if you’d like to re-create this style in your own home!

1.) FLORALS: Floral stems and arrangements are always a good idea. They are a great way to add color for any holiday without being over the top or kitschy. Pink peonies are my favorite pink flower so I sprinkled them in with my already created “all year ’round” arrangements.

2.) MUTED COLORS: Muted colors are anything that gray has been added to or the saturation has been turned way down. This throw pillow and blanket I added to the living room are great representations. They add just a little hint of pink without feeling like I turned our living room into a Bachelorette’s pad. Haha!

3.) LESS IS MORE: Pick a few focal points (no more than 5) in your home that you want to add some cheer to and focus on those. Areas like your living room, dining room, kitchen, or entry. When you spice up those areas you can see them from a lot of different angles and you’ll feel the Valentine’s spirit!


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