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Pantry Organization Tips + Tricks

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Y’all went crazy over my finally organized pantry and my inbox was flooded with “help me!” which of course is why I am here! I’m putting together my pantry organization tips + tricks here for you…I promise this task is not as daunting as it seems!

Step 1: PURGE THE PANTRY, or as it is called nowadays ‘Marie Kondo the pantry!” I love that her name has now become a verb! Get rid of expired things, opened but not eaten, things you don’t use/eat/need. Look for a local food pantry or women’s shelter that is accepting donations!

Take everything out and divide into categories on your kitchen counter. These are the categories (for baskets) we have:

– Canned Goods – Granola Bars – Baking
– Pasta + Rice – Breakfast Foods – Condiments
– Taco Shells – Chips + Popcorn
– Dinner Mixes – Kid’s Snacks

Breadbox is from Tj Maxx — SIMILAR HERE & HERE

*A lot of people like clear containers for rice/pasta but I opted to put them in baskets since we really don’t eat much of that. Dry foods make pretty decor when you put them in clear containers though, so keep that in mind!*

I previously had some cute metal baskets in here but being able to see everything was really throwing me off (counterintuitive right?) so I opted for these cute seagrass baskets from TJ Maxx.

From the outside looking in they make everything look uniform and put together! Depending on your route here are some cute affordable options to get you started:
1. Set of 4 Seagrass Baskets (similar to mine)
2. Clear Bins (this brand has a ton of sizes)
3. Pantry Organization Starter Kit
4. Canister Set
5. Stackable Bins
*Measure your shelves and bins/baskets to make sure they fit!*

STEP 4: Clean + Organize + Arrange
Put your pantry items in their respective bins/baskets outside of the pantry. Wipe down your shelves (its fun to start with a clean slate). When you get ready to put your bins back in the pantry take into consideration other items you have like drinks, appliances, jars, etc and arrange them on the shelves with your baskets. Depending on how streamlined you’d like your pantry to look, you can mix up the baskets with larger items to give it some more style and dimension.

Once you have a nice fresh pantry, go in and add some your design/decor style! I added this $12 arch mirror from Tj Maxx and a cute small boxwood wreath. This is what takes it from a pantry to YOUR pantry. Add some fresh fruit, vases, small wooden signs, you name it! It will give the space that “finished” look!

Here are some good options for shelf liners if you want to take it a step further:

It is really that simple! Getting containers that are functional to you is very important. If you do better being able to see your items then arrange them neatly in a clear bin, I on the other hand, do better with everything hidden and labeled properly. đŸ˜‰

Happy Organizing!

If you want some one-on-one help, email me at info@jessicaconnerinteriors and we can set up a consulation. I’ll grab some information from you (style, budget, pantry inventory, etc) and do all of the hard work for you for a small fee (depending on size). See more about my e-designs HERE!

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