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New York Institute Of Art & Design: Unit 5 Overview

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Flooring: Wood, Tile, Carpet and everything in between!. You’ll go through the pros and cons to each, when each is appropriate to use which SEEMS like common sense but there were some really valid points here that you have to keep in mind when working with clients and their needs.

Wall Treatments: Wall paper is totally BACK! There are a lot of different kinds, uses, applications, and here you will tackle ALL of them. I really want to go get some wallpaper now…

20th Century Furniture Styles: Part of the unit 5 project are matching furniture styles to photos so pay close attention! A lot of the 20th century styles are very similar but also have distinct qualities!

Accessories: One of my favorite parts of decorating and design are fine tuning my visions with accessories. There is a lot behind the scenes when learning how to keep function and harmony at the front of your mind when doing this! There are some fun exercises in this section to help you fine tune your skills!

This is where the real test of what you learned so far comes into play. Putting together ACTUAL colors, furniture, lighting, etc has been by far my favorite project. Here you will take all of the plans you’ve done for each room (dining, living, bedroom) and work your magic! There is also a few questions to answer that will provide your instructor a peek into your brain and why you chose what you did. Let the creative juices flow!

3 thoughts on “New York Institute Of Art & Design: Unit 5 Overview

  1. Hi there! I just started the course and not sure if I should purchase the course books. What are your thoughts?

    1. I personally did not, but I did print out the PDF versions to have. I didn’t find myself referring back them very often

  2. Hi! I absolutely love your review of the program! I went to register with your $50 off coupon code, but it says the code is invalid. Did it expire, or is there an updated one I can use? Thanks!

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