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Custom Master Closet + Laundry Room with Cutting Edge Closets

I am totally kicking myself for dangling this in front of y’all for months! PLEASE FORGIVE ME! Finally, the Custom Master Closet Reveal with Cutting Edge Closets is heeeerrreeee!

If you are a Houston area local, please give them a shout to set up your free in-home consultation!

First, I have to start this with a story. The DAY we moved into our house I was hanging up clothes in the closet and Tyler’s rod COMPLETELY broke off the wall under the weight of the clothes. I vividly remember swearing that we would tackle a custom closet “ASAP as possible” – that’s an Office reference 😉

It was chaos from the start and it was always the source of anxiety. Number one, that’s no way to live and number two, everywhere I looked Cutting Edge Closets was the top choice in our area. This has been 2 years in the making and 5 months since I first started working with them on designs!

– Here is my experience! –

In Home Design Consultation
Once you get your in-home consultation set up, I would take the time to look through Pinterest and have a loose list of things you’d love to have in your “dream” closet.

If you can, request Tabitha as your designer. She was super knowledgeable about everything from measurements to prices and smaller details. She took measurements and sat me down with their full portfolio and closet features they offer. Let me just continue with this super cliche saying… the possibilities are endless.

After Tabitha took her measurements she drew up a rough sketch of the closet which was super impressive. It was perfect from the start. She knew exactly how to utilize all of the space and included everything on my list.

Design Process
In just a few business day, Tabitha sent me over her 3D renderings of the design. This can also be done in person at their showroom but for convenience and #momlife we did it online. It was so amazing to see it all come to life so quickly. We made a few minor changes and got scheduled right away. (I will go through the features of our closet toward the end of this post, so hang tight.)

Master Closet :: Before

Just to give you a little insight, our closet has two doors (one to the bathroom and one to the laundry room) which makes it s super awkward space. I think the builder realized that and tossed a 10ft hanging rod up and called it a day, haha!

The first thing that Tabitha noticed is that we don’t need that much hanging space but more for storage and shoes… ALL the shoes. Tyler and I love a good pair of shoes 😉

This is my side featuring that crazy long hanging rod.
Master Closet Before

Laundry Room :: Before

Here is where my forgetfulness comes in handy. I did not take a before photo of our laundry room prior to cleaning it out. THANK YOU JESUS. It was so bad. Honestly, I wish the builder would have cut into the garage and given us some more clearance from the closet door, but ya win some ya lose some.
It came outfitted with this SUPER cute 24″ rod and one cabinet. We have virtually no storage, it was not functional or low enough to hold laundry detergent, etc.

I was needing SPACE and the mudroom/catch-all station was calling my name…

Demo Day
Our Demo guy arrived early, got to work, and was totally finished in about 3-4 hours. Full demo, patch, and re-texturing the walls of the closet AND laundry room. Major props to him for working so quickly and leaving virtually ZERO mess! It was crazy to see how huge both of these rooms actually are once the builder grade systems were gone. What a waste!

We actually didn’t have touch up paint for the closet so we decided to go out on a limb and paint it a totally different color. We use Behr Paint- “Greige” to add a pop against the white closet system. I planned on painting the laundry room, too but we were like…naaaaahh haha

Install Day
It literally took everything in me to not hover. I wanted to hover. Our installation guys were super professional and kept us updated on their progress. Basically, ninjas because this system is kind of complex and they never missed a beat.

All in all, the entire experience from start to finish was so enjoyable! They answered every question and always kept us updated. I am so thankful for everyone’s hard work through this process and making it so much fun! Now for the reveal…

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Features ::

Here are a list of the features we chose for our master closet and laundry room:

Laundry Room:
Mud Bench with bead board + coat hooks
Broom Closet split in half with adjustable shelving
(4) Upper Cabinets
White Shaker Cabinets w/ Crown Molding

Master Closet:
Locked Drawer
Double Hamper (for Tyler)
Single Hamper (for Me)
White Shaker Cabinets w/ Crown Molding

Laundry Room :: After

Laundry Co. Sign | Metal Laundry Cart
I am on the hunt for something just amazing to go on the back wall where that laundry cart is! This transformation is so incredible… there is so much room for ALL the things. I’ll have some organization tips coming up in a later post.

The cutest area for backpacks and the cabinet at the bottom has shelves for shoes!

Master Closet :: After

Striped Storage Boxes | Jewelry Holder
This is seriously what dreams are made up. I cannot believe how much vertical space we were wasting! All the shelves, drawers, and hanging space is 100% perfect for what we need!

Tyler’s Side
My Side

I can easily fit TWO rows of FOUR shoes on each shelf, there is SO much room!

It is so amazing, right?! It has already made life so much easier for me. I am all about function and working smarter, not harder. Doing laundry is actually ENJOYABLE! I am still working on moving us back into both rooms but I will definitely work out some organization posts for that soon.
Thank you to everyone for sharing in my excitement. It know it seems silly, but we have saved, planned, and dreamed of a more organized space since we bought this house two years ago.

Schedule Your Free In Home Consultation!

Like I said before, if you are even slightly entertaining the idea of a custom cabinet, I would reach out to Cutting Edge Closets. They are very “no pressure” and just wanted to help achieve YOUR goals. It would totally be worth the time for you to sit down with the designer and come up with some solutions! VISIT THEIR WEBSITE for more information about their services, testimonials, and view their past work. If you have any questions about my closet or laundry room, feel free to drop them below! I am happy to help as much as I can!

Thank you so much Cutting Edge Closets! I have you on speed dial 🙂

xo, Jess


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