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New York Institute Of Art and Design (NYIAD) Interior Design Course Review

This post is sponsored by NYIAD. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own.

I am so so so thankful to NYIAD for providing such an accessible, informative and challenging Interior Design course. There are a lot of things that I’ve been able to take away from this course:

1.) Sharpening my eye for design. I can recognize the basic rules of design very quickly and resolve those issues with ease.

2.) Feeling more confident and comfortable working with clients, providing a professional experience, and quality work.

3.) Recognizing ALL furniture styles, even if they aren’t MY taste. Being able to accommodate everyone’s style has been such a wonderful learning experience and so rewarding!

4.) Understanding colors. This is more of a “science” that I ever realized.

5.) Feeling confident to start my own company. They have 100% set me up on the path to success

In the first units, I was so nervous to be working with measurements and drafting to scale. It was the most transformative part of the entire course. During the final project, I felt so confident and excited to create a professional design presentation.

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Unit 1 Overview
Unit 2 Overview
Unit 3 Overview
Unit 4 Overview
Unit 5 Overview

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is what type of “certification” do you receive after taking the course. NYIAD has written an article dedicated to this topic, if you are interested in this course. Please read this article first.

What’s the Difference between an Interior Design Certificate and Degree?

One of my final NYIAD projects.

Question #2::
The other question that I got a lot was the time frame to complete the course::

I completed the course is exactly 6 months. I am a SAHM with two toddlers and a husband that travels… I do not have a surplus of time. 🙂

This course can easily be done in 3-4 months if you dedicate your time thoroughly. If you continue to read further sections while you wait on a project to be graded (AND TAKE NOTES) you will be ready to go as soon as you get your grade back! That is probably the most “out of your control” time part of the course. There are a lot of projects to be graded, plus shipping times so you are looking at about 2 weeks in limbo between Units.

Here is a link to ALL of the Interior Design Course articles from NYIAD. There is a lot of information available here, I would highly suggest reading them!

From unit 5

Basically, I have zero cons to the entire course. Everyone was so helpful and quick to respond to questions. There are SO many success stories from NYIAD graduates and that just kept me pushing forward. This is something that I really treasure and that truly brings me so much JOY, so being able to commit my life to a career that makes me so happy is… just the best.

If you are interested, I SAY DO IT! There is no time like the present to follow your dreams! 🙂


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