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Rug Styling Tips & Sizing

When you build a house, they start with the foundation, correct? I like to consider rugs a “foundation” of a space. They pull everything together and hold it all down. They are one of the most important building blocks of a cohesive, styled room!


Size Matters!
Here are the general rules but remember there is always an exception. If you are still unsure feel free to book a mini consultation with me HERE and I can help you!

Living Room (8×10, 9×12): All furniture needs to be evenly spaced and have at least the front legs placed ON TOP of your rug… otherwise, it will float away! Use your judgement here based on the room size and furniture size.

Dining Room (6×9, 8×10, 6′ Round): Depending on your table size, you want to be able to move chairs away from the table (and sit down) without falling off of your rug. 24″ to 36″ past the edge of your table is a good rule of thumb.

Entry (3×5, 5×7, 5′ round): If you have a spacious entry or foyer, you want whatever console tables/chairs to hold down your rug.

Bedrooms (5×7 twin/full, 8×10 queen, 9×12 king): Depending on the size of your bed, your rug should extend 26-48″ passed the edge of your bed. Too small will make your bed look heavy and clutter the room. Nightstands do NOT have to be touching the rug.

Runners (5′, 7′, 10′): Placed in front of your sink/cooking area will add some style and character to a normally messy workspace. Washable/outdoor rugs are always the way to go!
Ruggable & Orian Rugs are my two favorites in this category!

Rug Styling
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Pick a color(s) : You’ll find that sometimes it’s easier to choose a rug first, and sometimes it’s easier to choose a rug last. Depending on where you are at with other furniture/decor will be the deciding factor.

RUG FIRST: Choose an appropriate size and think about your color palette. Do you want to go bold or subtle? Abstract or muted? Lot’s of questions here to start. You don’t want other furniture to blend in but you also want it to look cohesive. When you choose a rug first is narrows a lot of your bigger decisions down quite a bit…

RUG LAST: Once you’ve tackled and styled a room you can plan accordingly. Choosing a rug LAST is my personal preference. I like to style and tackle the bigger items (sofa, table, etc) and then go in and pull accent colors/textures from what I’ve already done.


1.) use blue painters tape to “map” out the size of your rug in your space, this a one of my favorite handy tricks when trying to visualize an item

2.) add a rug pads for comfort, especially in living spaces

3.) use a hair dryer or heat gun to “iron out” curled edges

4.) for high traffic areas or kid/pet friendly use washable rugs such as these

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