I often use affiliate links and write sponsored posts; when I am contacted, I take into very careful consideration the brand I am working with as to maintain our reputations.  I may receive a commission for sales generated through my affiliate links by recommending brands/products here on my blog/social media.


I thoroughly enjoy working with companies to develop brand awareness and familiarity with the possibility of generating sales. It’s so important to reach beyond ads and show your audience how/where/what/when your products/services can be used. 

A few services I offer are reviews, sponsored posts that fit into our lives, media/press trips, IG Stories, IG Posts, FB Posts, Twitter Posts, and dedicated blog posts. All blog posts are published to Pinterest on a recurring schedule. I am happy to work with you on any of these things (or if you have an idea!) in exchange for compensation as we agree upon. Each brand will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Please contact me for more information + rates.
I am a huge advocate for business owners and representing YOU honestly to my audience.